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Finding Budget and Luxury Hotels in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Addis Ababa is the capital of Ethiopia and sits at the foot of Mount Entoto. The city has a comfortable climate, but the altitude causes a dramatic drop in temperature at night. There are plenty of cheap hotels for the budget traveler. You can stay at the Baro Hotel which is known for its friendly staff and attractive courtyard. You will find it at the city square or piazza. Other options in the same area are the Wutma across the street and the Abrehams. The Wutma is very similar to the Baro, but the Abrehams is a run-down place that is much cheaper.

Visitors are encouraged to walk around the city and enjoy sights like the Grand Palace and Trinity Cathedral. You will find the Tourist hotel near these. It is a mid-range place for those who want to avoid the cheaper lodgings. You can also try the Maskal Flower hotel close to Debre Zeit Road, or the Yilma with their friendly staff and hot water heaters.

There are luxury hotels in Addis Ababa also. You can try the Hilton on Central Menelik Avenue. The Hilton is the most reliable place to exchange currency or use a credit card to get cash, so you will probably visit here during your stay. You can also get cash at the Sheraton Addis on Central Yohanis Street. This place would be a five-star hotel anywhere in the world.

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