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Flights to Al Massira Airport (AGA) Agadir

With over a million passengers making their way through Al Massira Airport (AGA) every year, the airport is becoming one of the most bustling points of entry for tourists on their way to Morocco. With a recently completed brand new airport terminal, passengers can expect a straightforward and contemporary setting to greet them upon landing in Agadir.

A very simple airport to navigate, Al Massira Airport (AGA) is divided into two different halves, one for those who are departing on or arriving from foreign countries, and one for those flying nationally. The national waiting room lacks customs, while the international portion of the terminal has all of the regular customs features. There are restrooms, a few different cafes, and some newsstands for customers seeking in-flight reading materials.

Numerous international carriers offer flights to and from Agadir. Air Berlin, Atlas Blue, Jet4You, and a few other budget airlines are revered for their affordable tickets. Royal Air Maroc also operates numerous flights to and from Casablanca, Paris, and Rabat. Other airlines provide seasonal service to and from Al Massira Airport (AGA), including Aer Lingus and Royal Air Maroc Express. As the airport gains traffic, even more airlines are adding flights to Al Massira Airport (AGA).

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