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Flights to Marka International Airport (ADJ) Amman

Originally a joint military and civilian facility, Amman’s Marka International Airport (ADJ) is now the second of the two major airports serving Jordan’s capital city. The airport is sometimes referred to as Amman Civil Airport.The airport handles mostly domestic flights with some regional traffic, also. Flights to Marka International Airport (ADJ) Amman originate from Middle Eastern cities including Aqaba, Sharjah, Sharm El Sheikh and Djibouti. Carriers serving the airport include African Airways Express, Jordan Aviation, Arab Wings, and Royal Jordanian Airlines.Marka International Airport (ADJ) Amman operates 24 hours a day but tends not to be overly busy and it handles less than 200,000 passengers annually. The airport features just one terminal.For getting into Amman, arriving passengers can take a train from the nearby Hejaz Railway—a short taxi drive away—or by taxi. Haggling over the fare is expected. Downtown is only a few kilometers away so the trip time is not long, although Amman’s traffic jams can test one’s patience.Facilities at the airport are not extensive but there is a small choice of shopping and dining options.There are no hotels located on site but are a number of accommodation options less than 10 kilometers away that cater to passengers on flights to Amman’s Marka International Airport (ADJ) Amman.

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