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Flights to Baghdad International Airport (SDA)

The Baghdad International Airport (SDA) is the largest airport in Iraq and is located 16 kilometers (10 miles) west of downtown Baghdad. Iraq’s primary national airline, Iraqi Airways, uses this airport as its base of operations. Multiple airlines offer services to Baghdad International Airport (SDA) from select destinations throughout Asia and a few destinations in Europe. There can be delays on flights to the airport for several reasons from military problems to natural sandstorms. It is important that you carefully plan your trip to the city and how you intend to reach your accommodation from the airport to avoid any problems with security. Thankfully, due to the problems that the airport has already experienced, the tighter security measures have created a much safer environment for international visitors. That being said, the Baghdad International Airport (SDA) still doesn’t see a large number of tourists pass through so it is advisable to plan well ahead and leave room for complications and delays when flying into the city. Despite many airlines pulling out over the last couple of decades flights to and from Baghdad International Airport (SDA) have begun to slowly increase again as the region becomes more stable and security at the airport becomes more reliable.

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