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Flights to Bahrain International Airport (BAH)

The Bahrain International Airport (BAH) is located on an island at the northernmost tip of Bahrain, called Muharraq. It is a convenient four miles away from the capital city of Manama and is one of the largest hubs in the Middle East. It is a bustling airport that serves nearly one million passengers each month.

The Bahrain International Airport (BAH) has one terminal that serves several different airlines, including Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, British Airways and Egypt Air. These airlines reach a variety of domestic and international destinations, including several major cities in Europe and Asia.

Travelers waiting for a flight at the airport will find a variety of amenities to entertain them. There is an award-winning duty-free shop in the airport, as well as a variety of restaurants where visitors can get everything from a light snack and a cup of coffee to a full meal in a full-service establishment. There are also plenty of services for visitors traveling through the Bahrain International Airport (BAH), including currency exchange services and banks.

Once travelers arrive, they can easily reach their final destination by renting a car, hiring a car service or hiring one of the many taxis waiting in front of the main terminal building at Bahrain International Airport (BAH).

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