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Booking a Hotel in Baku

Not only is Baku the largest city in Azerbaijan, but it is also the capital. Located along the coast of the Caspian Sea, you are sure to find plenty to do on your trip here. Visit the Maidenís Tower and learn of its history while in Baku. It has served a host of different purposes, so you will want to take a moment and look at its mysterious beauty. For those who want to check out some of the galleries and museums, the Azeri National Costume Museum or Home of Jafar Jabbarli may be just what you are looking for in town.

If you want something to do in town that is both exciting and enjoyable, visit the Luna Amusement Park. The park is perfect for children and adults alike. In Hamam Mehellesi, you can explore the public bath. Make sure to check the days for when you can visit based upon your sex. You can also get a skin peel or massage while here, so make sure to explore all of the different possibilities that await you in town.

While in town, you will want to find the perfect hotel accommodations to meet your needs. From the Hotel Velotrak to the Holiday Inn or Excelsior Hotel, you are sure to find the perfect hotel accommodations to make your stay everything you could ever imagine.


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