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Banten is located on the western portion of the island Java and is part of Indonesia. It is located near Christmas Island, Philippians and Australia. Banten is rich in history as it was once a part of the Taruma kingdom and was a maritime capital. Today visitors can enjoy warm, tropical beaches, scuba diving, surfing, hiking in the rainforest and watching the annual red crab migration.

The Hawaii Club Bali Resort and Hotel offers guests beachfront views. This hotel is perfect for those traveling with families as it offers apartment styled rooms. A water park with pools and slides is located on-site, perfect for families to unwind after a day of sightseeing.

The Mutiara Carita Cottages is a hotel that is perfect for business travelers and company events. They offer meeting facilities and a business center. Located on the beach, guests can enjoy water activities. The hotel has jet skis, snorkeling gear and fishing equipment for rental.

For those who desire luxurious accommodations, the Sanghyang Indah Spa Resort is just the ticket. This resort is the only one that boasts an on-site natural hot spring. Guests can enjoy this private resort surrounded by warm beaches and lush, tropical landscaping. There are tennis courts, pools and restaurants as well. Guests can choose from floor plans; suites, condos and villas are all offered.

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