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Places to Stay in Barcelona, for Sun, Sea and Shopping!

Perhaps the most popular place to stay in Barcelona is the Gothic Quarter. This is a magnificent area to walk around, with fantastic historic architecture, and you'll be delighted to discover that many buildings here retain their historic features on the inside, too. You'll feel like royalty staying in one of these splendid rooms, and the good news is that there are hotels in this area to suit a wide range of different budgets.

For truly elegant high-end hotels, the place to go is l'Eixample. This is the haunt of Barcelona's sophisticates and home to its most exclusive boutique accommodation. A room in l'Eixample will set you back a bit but will really make your vacation feel special. Alternatively, you may want to try Les Corts, where you'll find modern high-end hotels with stunning views across the sea, perfectly located for impulsive shopping trips.

For enthusiastic shoppers, Ravel and La Ribera are great areas to stay, with the main retail districts right on their doorstep. Here you can expect attractive old-fashioned hotels, many offering rooms at very affordable prices. The only downside is that, because of their historic status, accessing some of them can require climbing a lot of steps, so remember to check in advance if this would be a problem for you. Advance booking is well worth your while anyway if you want to get the best available deals.

Barcelona has hostels scattered all over town, many charging under $30 a night. Bright and friendly, they welcome travelers of all ages. Some have a problem with items going missing, so be careful to keep your belongings secure (ask for a locker), but if you're sensible about things you'll have a great time there. Most hostels offer breakfast and the staff are very knowledgeable, so can give you useful advice as you head out to see the sights.

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