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Beijing Hotels – A Young and Innovative Hotel Industry

The best plan of action is to choose the location that suits you. If you are only in town for a short visit, the city center area puts you within walking distance of the Forbidden City and Tian’an Men Square. Accommodations can be found in all price ranges, from upscale resorts to youth hostels.

Chaoyang offers the highest concentration of luxury properties such as Westin, Hyatt and St. Regis. It is near the two main diplomatic areas and the central business district and caters to both foreign businessmen and tourists alike. Customer service and accommodation quality will be most consistent in this area. Chaoyang is also filled with the city’s most glamorous shops and is convenient for the airport and the restaurants and nightclubs of San Li Tun.

More moderate and budget accommodations can be found in the southern districts of Zaunwu and Chongwen. Visitors have good access to the metro line and two Beijing Railway Stations. The western part of the city near the universities and the Summer Palace is known for its inexpensive accommodations even though it is not the most visually appealing part of the city.

If you are looking for a bit of nostalgia, you may consider the Back Lakes or Hou Hai area. Narrow lanes wander through the district and are lined with old time shops, cafes and restaurants. It is what is left of the old Beijing.

Mainland China is home to two types of hotels. Those like the Hyatt, Hilton, Sheraton and other well known brands are called Sino-foreign joint-venture hotels. The other type are the home grown Chinese-owned and managed hotels. Visitors unfamiliar with the destination should consider going with a known brand. Quality, amenities and customer service, especially at the four and five star hotel level will be much more consistent. Room rates for both the name brand hotels and the Chinese owned properties are remarkably similar.

Many hotels in China are still learning the ins and outs of daily operations. Most have at least one person who speaks at least a modest amount of English. Foreign credit cards may or may not be accepted in properties of three stars or above. Going with a familiar name brand eliminates this worry. Anything below three stars is almost guaranteed to be a cash only transaction. Most hotels accepting foreign visitors will exchange currency on property, which does help.

Visitors who have early morning or late evening flights, or just want to stay near the airport will find several properties all with complimentary shuttle services. Basic hotels include the locally owned Air China Hotel and Blue Sky Hotel, offering clean rooms at a very moderate price. Holiday Inn Lido is also near the airport and is part of a complex that includes foreign restaurants and shops. It is a bit more expensive, but the rooms are large and breakfast is included.

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