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Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport:

A Wonderful Welcome to Lebanon

The airport feels very modern with high ceilings and glass. The airport layout is two wings of 12 terminals separated in the middle with the check-in areas. Ground floor is arrivals. Second floor is departures. Also, on the second floor Business travelers will find the Cedar Lounge is rated the best business class lounge in the Middle East. Third floor is restaurants. Fourth floor is administration. The third level has an increasing number of restaurants in which to relax, although somewhat pricey to the typical budget traveler compared to the real prices in the city. No visa is required prior to arrival. Visas are purchased upon arrival. The airline attendants will direct you information upon landing. Immigration entry may be very slow. Be patient with security. They are trying to make the airport safe, and they may not be as polite as you would like. Rides to the Beirut central are ten minutes. Try to use the official taxis which have an airport logo and must use the official rate. Non-official taxis will try to charge you more, unless you speak Arabic or French and know the rate. No public transport is available.

On your outbound journey, be sure to arrive to the airport three hours in advance. Prayer rooms for Christians and Muslims are available on the second floor where departure terminals are located. If you are in need of special assistance, inform your airline company and arrive early. Passengers with Wi-Fi connection are in luck because the signal is generally available throughout the terminal areas. For passengers without a personal computer only fifteen internet kiosks are available at different locations in the terminal areas. Without a Wi-Fi connection, you must purchase an internet card in the duty-free area for these kiosks and for any personal computer. If you need to make a call, ask where telephones are located and where you can purchase a pre-pay phone card. Credit cards are not accepted at these telephones.

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