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The Best of the Many Hotels in Benidorm, Spain

Benidorm is a seaside resort in Spain. It is a well-developed vacation area offering a wide selection in hotels and restaurants. There are places for budget travelers as well as those who want the best for their holiday stay. The Iris, Marabella, and the Bristol are all one star hotels in Benidorm. There is a great deal of competition for the tourist dollar, so a one star rating may not mean what it does in other places.

Restaurants and nightclubs are all competing for visitors just like the hotels, so you will have plenty of places to entertain yourself at reasonable prices. The Brasil, Caballo De Oro, and the Acupulco are two star hotels available here. Visitors looking for places to shop will find an abundance of shoes and leather goods at low prices in Benidorm. There are also plenty of artisans who come here to sell their wares.

The beaches are lovely in Benidorm, and the water has a high safety rating for those who want to enjoy the sand and surf. The Alameda and Los Alamos are a couple of three star hotels waiting for tourists. Those travelers looking for more luxury can try the Flamingo or the Grand Oasis, who both have four star ratings. Finally, the visitor looking for the best place available can go to the Villa Venecia, which is a five star hotel.

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