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Flights to Bergen Airport Flesland (BGO)

Bergen Airport Flesland (BGO) is the second largest airport in Norway handling over 5,000,000 passengers each year which is pretty good as the population of Norway is only 4,600,000. Most major European airlines fly in and out of Bergen Airport Flesland (BGO). It is also a heliport handling a lot of the workers going to the oil platforms. As well as a Duty Free shop the Bergen Airport Flesland (BGO) terminal building has a well stocked gift shop with local specialities such as Norwegian sweaters and smoked salmon, a 7-11 convenience store and a kiosk selling newspapers and magazines all there to tempt you and a choice of 5 eating and drinking establishments to meet your every culinary and refreshment need. But do watch out, Norway is expensive and the airport is even more so. A small beer might cost you a lot and expect to pay an above-average price for a sandwich.If you need to stay overnight then just outside the terminal you find the 4 star Clarion Hotel Bergen Airport famed for its design and its lunch buffet.Bergen Airport Flesland (BGO) is a modern well equipped airport just 25 minutes away from the center of Bergen (depending on the traffic). Travelling downtown is fairly easy with a choice of bus (the cheap option) or taxi (the expensive option).

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