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Flights to Gautam Buddha Airport (BWA) Bhairawa

Gautam Buddha Airport (BWA) Bhairawa serves the immediate Bhairahawa vicinity and nearby Lumbini in Nepal. The area is of utmost importance to Buddhists, with Lumbini being the birthplace of Buddha. All flights to Gautam Buddha Airport (BWA) Bhairawa originate in Kathmandu.

Flights to Gautam Buddha Airport (BWA) Bhairawa are available on three carriers, with Cosmic Air, Yeti Airlines and Buddha Air all using the facility. Each of these airlines is small, and long delays due to weather and other circumstances are common.

This airport is small, with just one runway, and does not offer the type of amenities that tourists are used to in larger places. The facility is located approximately 1 kilometer from Bhairawa and 20 kilometers from Lumbini. The drive to Bhairawa is very quick and can be taken by rickshaw, as well as taxi. The one from the airport to Lumbini takes approximately 15 minutes.

Lumbini has many fine hotels and retreats, and many of them offer shuttle service to the airport for their guests. Taxis are also on hand to take passengers from the airport. However, public transportation is not available at the facility. Most airlines offering flights to Gautam Buddha Airport (BWA) Bhairawa offer different rates for foreigners than they do for citizens of Nepal.

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