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Get the Best Beaches and Hotels in Boracay, Philippines

Boracay has the most beautiful beaches in the Pacific Rim and plenty of accommodations for those who want to enjoy them. Central Boracay is the area for nightlife and there are plenty of bars and dance clubs to choose from here. You should avoid the travel agents and book your hotel yourself. This will save you money and frustration. A couple of budget friendly hotels known for good service are Moreno's Place and the Escurel Inn and Internet Cafe.

Those who are looking for a quieter vacation while visiting the Philippines can find accommodations close to the beach but out of the center of activity. The Ocean Breeze Inn and the Casa Dayang are a couple of hotels in this area.

A newer hotel with a good reputation is the Turtle Inn near boat station three. La Bella Casa hotel near station one is famous for great room service at reasonable prices, and there is also Fat Jimmy's Resort located near station two.

Be sure to have plenty of cash on hand when you visit Boracay since there are only a handful of ATMs servicing the whole island, and it is common for them to run out of funds. If you want more privacy, you can stay at the Baling Hai Beach Resort in the northern part of the island and enjoy their private beach.

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