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Flights to Bristol International Airport (BRS)

One of the fastest-growing airports in all of the United Kingdom, Bristol International Airport (BRS) sees a steadily increasing stream of passengers each year, with numbers recently tipping the scales at over six million travelers. Located just a few miles outside of Bristol, the airport is also a popular choice for residents of Wales, Somerset, Devon, and Avon.

Travelers bound for Bristol International Airport (BRS) will be greeted with a contemporary and chic terminal, with minimal lines and a great deal of floor-to-ceiling windows offering the chance to take in the surrounding countryside. One of the few airports around that still lacks jet-ways, passengers also get to enjoy the surreal experience of actually walking to their flights, or taking a bus to their flights, as the case may be.

A few different budget airlines consider Bristol International Airport (BRS) a hub, including EasyJet, Viking Airlines, and Ryanair. A number of different international carriers offer flights to and from the airport, including Air France, Continental Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Eastern Airways, and KLM. However, most flights are handled by EasyJet and Ryanair, with service to a staggering variety of European cities and beyond. Glasgow, Dublin, Marrakech, Palma de Mallorca, Paris, and Cork are some of the cities that see the most flights from Bristol International Airport (BRS) on a regular basis.

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