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The Best Budget Hotels in Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is the capital city of Hungary. It was formed by combining smaller cities which now serve as districts. On the western side of the river Danube, you are in the district of Buda. This hilly region features the highest peak in the city, Elizabeth Lookout, which you can reach via chair lift. The Astra Hotel does not provide any sort of views, but it has a reputation for old-world charm. Those who want to experience a less touristy part of Buda can stay at the Luna Hotel. It is on the south side of town and a bit off the beaten path. It does offer a neighborhood of authentic restaurants and lower prices for shopping.

The Pest side of the river features museums and the National Parliament building. You can head to the King's Hotel or the K + K Hotel Opera and be right in the middle of downtown shopping and attractions. The Opera sits next to an underground metro station making it easy to find. The ABC and the Deak hotels are also near metro stations and both offer budget accommodations.

The Castle Hill district is the oldest part of Budapest. You must use public transportation to enter or walk. You can check out the famous Vienna Gate on the north end of the district or visit the Royal Palace. The only hotels here are the Carlton or the Hilton if you want to stay.

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