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Flights to Burlington International Airport (BTV)

Burlington International Airport (BTV) is located a convenient three miles away from Burlington, which is the largest city in Vermont. It is just a short distance from the picturesque Lake Champlain, as well as several mountain resorts that offer an array of outdoor activities throughout all four seasons.

Burlington International Airport (BTV) has one terminal that serves seven airlines: AirTran, Continental, Delta, JetBlue, NWA, United and US Airways. Travelers can use one of these airlines to travel non-stop between Burlington and Baltimore, Cleveland, Newark, Atlanta, New York City, Orlando, Detroit, Chicago, Washington DC and Philadelphia.

Visitors who need to spend time at Burlington International Airport (BTV) while waiting for a flight will find convenient the many amenities available to them. Travelers can find just about anything they need for a flight at the Hudson News Stand, from snacks to reading materials. There is a main store in the terminal, as well as several kiosks that are convenient to just about every gate. Visitors can also have a pre-flight snack or meal at the snack bar or the One Flight Up restaurant.

Once travelers arrive in Burlington, they can hire a taxi or rent a car from one of the agencies that operate counters at the Burlington International Airport (BTV) to get to their final destination

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