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Flights to Butuan airport, Philippines (BXU)

Butuan airport (BXU) is also known as Bancasi airport and is the only airport in the Agusan de Norte province of the Philippines and near to Butuan City.It is a small airport linking the province with the capital Manila and Cebu. Only Cebu Pacific airlines and Philippines airlines carry passengers to Butuan airport (BXU) and over 300,000 passengers use the airport every year. These are mainly locals travelling to the capital or people doing business in the province. The terminal building is functional with basic facilities for eating and drinking and passengers often sit outside waiting for their flights to be called, but as there are very few flights each day and no immigration or customs to contend with, boarding and disembarkation is a quick and simple process. Passengers can walk to and from the planes from the terminal building.Taxis are on hand as planes arrive to meet those passengers not being collected by friends and relatives.Butuan airport (BXU) is a simple airport handling local traffic so donít expect too much by way of comfort but expect a warm welcome from the local people who are always pleased to see a new face in the area.

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