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Flights to Chisinau International Airport (KIV)

The Chisinau International Airport (KIV) is situated 13 kilometers (8.1 miles) southeast of the capital city of Moldova, Chisinau. Multiple international airlines offer services to the airport from select destinations across Europe and Asia. There are currently plans to expand and renovate the airport to accommodate for growing passenger traffic. Buses are available to take passengers to the city centre of Chisinau and various locations in around the city suburbs. Taxis take approximately 25 minutes to reach central city destinations, depending on traffic, and it is advisable to agree on a reasonable price before entering the vehicle to avoid paying excess fees. Authorized yellow car taxis are available for passengers at the departure exit of the Chisinau International Airport (KIV). As the major gateway to the country of Moldova the airport maintains a high standard of amenities and facilities in order to provide a comfortable and welcoming experience for visitors to the region. With increasing tourism interest the Chisinau International Airport (KIV) is set to continually increase in passenger traffic and therefore continue to expand and improve as a budding international destination and important addition to the network of European airports in the Eastern regions of the continent.

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