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Dallas Fort Worth International Airport and Love Field Airport:

Serving the Metroplex

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport is a major domestic and international hub consisting of five terminals lettered A-E. Terminals A, B and C are dominated by American Airlines and American Eagle, with flights to and from destinations all over the United States.

Direct international flights arrive at and depart from Terminal D, serving destinations in Europe, South America and Africa. Most domestic budget flights arrive at Terminal E.

Dallas-Fort Worth is a modern and efficient airport but it is worth bearing in mind that it is big. The terminals themselves are big and there can be long distances between them. The SkyLink train connects the terminals efficiently but be sure to leave plenty of time for flight connections.

Getting to downtown Dallas or Fort Worth is reasonably convenient, though transport options are limited for such a big airport. The Trinity Railway Express provides a cheap and easy way to get to Dallas or Fort Worth, while Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) provides bus services downtown from the airport's parking lots. There are free airport shuttles from the terminals to bus and rail stops.

A more convenient, though more expensive, route into Fort Worth is the 'Airporter' shuttle. This picks up from the upper level of each terminal. There are also plenty of taxis available at the airport but expect to pay the best part of $50 to downtown Dallas or Fort Worth. If you wish to rent a car there are plenty of agencies at the airport while it may be worth checking to see if your hotel provides a courtesy shuttle.

Dallas Love Field airport is a much more modest affair with just one terminal serving about 20 domestic destinations. Its small size and small number of passengers make it a convenient place to land and it is also closer to downtown Dallas than Dallas-Fort Worth airport. Downtown Dallas is accessible by DART bus, shuttle, taxi or rental car.

If you are waiting overnight for a connecting flight, both airports have an excellent range of hotels nearby to suit every budget.

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