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Finding the Best Hotels in Death Valley, California

Death Valley is the largest national park in the United States. The forbidding name of the park, and its reputation for extreme heat often keeps visitors away. However, Death Valley Park has a temperate climate during the fall and winter months. Travelers interested in seeing the many geological wonders found in the park will find hotel accommodations limited here. The Panamint Springs Resort is near the west entrance and the lowest priced hotel available. The rooms are not great, and the price is only economical for Death Valley.

You can stay at the Stovepipe Wells Village for a motel type experience, but you should not drink the water in the rooms. Otherwise, it is considered a decent and reasonably comfortable place to stay while you see the park. The Furnace Creek Inn is a hotel that considers itself to be a four-star resort and has the prices to match. It does have full amenities for its guests. The only other option in Furnace Creek is the Furnace Creek Inn Ranch. It is cheaper than the Inn at least and is said to be a place for families.

The majority of Death Valley Park lies in Southern California, but there is a part in Nevada. Visitors from either direction are advised to be extremely careful if crossing through here in the hot months of the year. The Furnace Creek Inn closes during the summer, and the hotels that are open will be charging a premium for items like gas or water.

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