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Flights to Diyarbakir Airport (DIY)

Diyarbakir is the largest city in southeastern Turkey and is served by the Diyarbakir Airport (DIY). The city is located next to the Tigris River and is made up of mostly Kurdish people. The airport is used for military and commercial purposes. The 8th Air Wing and the 2nd Air Force Command have aircraft at the Diyarbakir Airport (DIY). The three commercial airlines that serve the airport are Onur Air, Pegasus Airlines, and Turkish Airlines. The flights from the airport, which are all domestic, go to Istanbul, Ankara, Ismir, Antalya, and Bursa.

Upon arrival passengers can make their way to central Diyarbakir by taking a taxi or renting a car, as there is no public transportation. Most tourists prefer to travel by taxi, as it is very convenient and inexpensive. There are car rental agencies located at the airport, including the international company Europcar. There are also many hotels near the airport, ranging in price from budget hotels to five-star luxurious hotels. Due to its small size you will spend much less time waiting in lines to pass through security and check-in counters and in no time you will be leaving the Diyarbakir Airport (DIY).

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