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Flights to Melville Hall Airport (DOM) Dominica

One of two airports providing flights to and from Dominica, Melville Hall Airport (DOM) offers travelers a simple way of reaching the northeast coast of the island. Located about an hour away from Portsmouth, the second-largest city in Dominica, the airport is only a couple of miles away from Marigot, a small town.

For those travelers accustomed to sprinting through large airports to make connecting flights, the experience of departing from or arriving to Melville Hall Airport (DOM) will truly be something to enjoy. A small and unassuming airport, itís not even possible to fly at night here, since the airport does not have night lights. Thus, the simple terminal will only take a few minutes to make oneís way through, and is equipped with basic services, like restrooms, but no fancy restaurants. Packing snacks is advised.

Though Melville Hall Airport (DOM) is a small airport, it is serviced by international carrier American Airlines, whose American Eagle branch flies daily to San Juan. The other airlines that provide flights to and from the airport are LIAT and Conviasa. LIAT also provides a flight to San Juan, as well as flights to Antigua, Barbados, and Guadeloupe from Melville Hall Airport (DOM).

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