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Flights to Canefield Airport (DCF) Dominica

One of the only two airports on the entire island of Dominica, Canefield Airport (DCF) Dominica provides a gateway for travelers to enjoy a truly unparalleled tropical paradise. As one of the only two airports in the entire nation, at least half of visitors to the island make their way through this particular terminal. Contemporary but simple, facilities include the customs area, a waiting area, a couple of different cafes for light snacks, and a newsstand. There is an information desk, which can help in arranging for transport to various parts of the island.Canefield Airport (DCF) Dominica sees a fair share of charter flights, but most of the flights coming to the airport are on Dominica Air Taxi, which is operated by Carib Aviation. They use Twin Otters. Take Air, the other airline that has regular flights in and out of the airport, uses a Let 410 to fly passengers from Canefield to Martinique.Once travelers arrive at Canefield Airport (DCF) Dominica, they are within a short drive of a number of the islandís most famous beaches, resorts, and wildlife areas. Most of the flights to and from Canefield Airport (DCF) Dominica are from smaller locations in the Caribbean, such as the airports over on the Cayman Islands.

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