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Flights to El Salvador Bajo Airport (ESR)

The mining town of El Salvador, Chile, is serviced by a small aviation facility called El Salvador Bajo Airport (ESR). Like the rest of the town, it was built to support the copper mine owned by the Codelco Corp., and most passengers are employees returning after vacations. Located in the Atacama region of northern Chile, it is one of the few airports in the world that operate over an elevation of 2,300 meters.Sky Airline will take passengers to El Salvador Bajo Airport (ESR) from the larger metropolitan districts of Antofagasta, Copiapů, and the national capital Santiago. Small propeller planes are used for these flights, and prices rarely fluctuate so budget travelers may find it difficult to obtain cheap fares to El Salvador Bajo Airport (ESR).There are few facilities at the airport. However, the town of El Salvador does have an excellent infrastructure to support the mine. Visitors will find full services, including banking and postal facilities. There is only one hotel to stay at, the comfortable Camino Del Inca Hotel-El Salvador, but it is expensive compared to other towns. Bookings are essential, especially when the local soccer team, Cobresal of the Chilean Football League, has a game scheduled.Travelers with a plan to visit this part of Chile can arrange flights through their agent year-round for El Salvador Bajo Airport (ESR).

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