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Fees, fees, fees. They are suddenly everywhere!

These days whenever you travel there are fees for this, that and everything.  Fly and your bags cost extra to check.  Stay in a hotel and you are assessed resort fees. Rent a car and you are hit with more fees.  When is this all going to end and if it isn’t, what can we do to combat the silly things? 

Below you’ll find the 10 best ways to escape, avoid or minimize the damage from these Baggage Fees and other airline fees. After you’re done with this article, be sure and read our article on Hotel fees and Car rental fees, too.

1. Join A Frequent Flier’s Club
We meet a lot of people who complain about fees but can’t be bothered with frequent flier clubs and counting points. That’s a real shame. If you earn 25,000 flight miles per year (from flying, credit card purchases, hotel stays or however) you will be exempted from fees on most carriers.

2. Travel With Elite Status Flyers or Airline Credit Card Holders
Elite status frequent fliers and and those with affinity (airline branded) credit cards are exempt for one or two bags. Members of their traveling party with identical itineraries are also exempt. It pays to travel with these folks!  If you don’t have the identical itinerary (same flights) this won’t work – but you can try.

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