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Flights to Foz do Iguassu Airport (IGU)

Most travelers on flights to tiny Foz do Iguassu Airport (IGU) will find the terminal drab, especially in comparison with the spectacular Iguazu Falls that this town is famous for. Almost 800,000 passengers pass through this one-runway airport every year, a majority of whom are tourists. Accordingly, Foz do Iguassu Airport (IGU) boasts friendly staff and a full range of traveler services.

After disembarking from flights to Foz do Iguassu Airport (IGU), passengers can choose between two ground transportation options. The taxi desk quotes a fixed fare and then directs passengers to a vehicle. A taxi ride to the main tourist drag in town takes about 20 minutes. Budget travelers might opt to take the public bus, which stops right outside the terminal. The bus takes about an hour to get into the town center, and makes stops at hotels along the way. Visitors who are eager to get to the National Park and see the falls can ride the bus to the bus terminal at the end of the line, and take another bus directly to the park from there.

Visitors can fly to Foz do Iguassu from Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo, and other major Brazilian cities, as well as from Montevideo. GOL Airlines, PLUNA, TAM, and TRIP all offer regular flights to Foz do Iguassu Airport (IGU).

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