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Flights to Galway Airport (GWY)

An ideal gateway to exploring Ireland, Galway Airport (GWY) is located in Carnamore, just four miles north of Galway City. A rapid influx of travelers has led to renovated facilities, with more than a half-million travelers making their way through the airport each year. Because of this increase in traffic, the airport has earned the distinction as the fastest-growing airport in Ireland, in regards to passengers.

In addition to various service on commercial airlines, Galway Airport (GWY) is also a major hub for charter flights. It is also the base of the Galway Flying Club, which provides training on helicopters and fixed wing aircraft alike. The best way of getting from the airport into town is by taxi, with a number of different taxis waiting outside of the baggage claim area. The airport is also served by a single bus, though its timetable is less than ideal for travelers who donít intend on waiting very long after retrieving their baggage.

The main commercial airline is Aer Arann, which provides flights to a number of different cities, including Dublin, Edinburgh, London, Manchester, Waterford, and Lorient. Unlike other airports in Ireland, a majority of the flights departing from Galway Airport (GWY) are year-round, as opposed to seasonal. The terminal of Galway Airport (GWY) consists of a couple different snack cafes for travelers, a newsstand, and a comfortable waiting area.

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