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Finding the Best Hotels in Guam, Guam

The competition among hotels in Guam is limited, so the budget places are more expensive than you might pay somewhere else. However, there is no reason to pay top dollar just for an overnight stay. You can find reasonable rates at the Bayview on Pale San Vitores Road. The decor is a bit dated, but the staff is excellent, and the higher floors have a view few places can match. The Days Inn on Ypao Road is another inexpensive hotel. They will pick you up at the airport, and the hotel is within walking distance of restaurants and shops.

You will find the Santa Fe hotel on Lagoon Drive more of a mid-range place. The accommodations are basic, but the view is spectacular. There is a small beach area behind the hotel where people enjoy having their evening meal. If you are looking for a place with more activities, you can try the Pacific Islands Club on Pale San Vitores Road. This place has a water park offering all sorts of aquatic fun, or you can go for a treatment in the Jivan Spa.

The travelers who want more luxury can go to the Westin on Gun Beach Road. The beach is among the best on the island, and the seafood brunch on Sundays includes roast pig and champagne. You can also try the Hilton Resort on Hilton Road. The hotel is close to an upscale shopping district and boasts great views of the bay.

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