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The Best Hotels and Casa Particulares in Havana, Cuba

Havana is the capital of Cuba and a popular tourist destination if you are not from the United States. You can find relatively cheaper accommodations by staying in the casas particulares. These are private homes converted into hostels to serve the tourists. Casa Mabel on Industrial 270 is centrally located and a good place for families. Casa Olga is very near the Lincoln Hotel in Central Habano, and the owner is known for being very nice. This is apparently an unusual feature among the casas particulares proprietors.

Some of the local expats will be happy to take you on a walking tour to earn a little money. You can find some local mid-range places like the Hotel Telegrafo near Parque Central in Old Havana. The Hotel Inglaterra is on Paseo del Prado also in the old section of town. The Inglaterra has a restaurant and is known for its proximity to the local music scene. The Hotel Parque Central is on Neptuno and offers a swimming pool on the roof for guests. The room quality here is the best you can expect in Havana.

The Conde de Villanueva is the place for cigar aficionados to stay. There is a cigar shop in the hotel, and you can smoke in the rooms. You can find it on Calle Mercanderes esq. Amagura in Old Havana. The Santa Isabel on Baratillo is famous for its terrace overlooking the Plaza de Armas. You will love the colonial-era charm of this hotel, but it doesn't come cheap.


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