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The highly developed public transport and compressed organization of Hong Kong make location of little concern. Your best bet for a bargain will probably be found in one of the areas neighboring the Central District. The same lavishness for more reasonable prices can be found in regions such as Western, Causeway Bay and Wanchai. Hotel Jen, located in the Western District, is often a popular choice for travelers on a budget. Itís a short walk from the Central District and offers a look at traditional Hong Kong. If youíre searching for more basic accommodation at the lowest price, Dorsett Seaview Hotel is a popular choice. You may have to travel a little further, but Hong Kongís integrated subway system makes it a snap.

For the best rates, itís advisable to book online and to book early. The internet is a handy way to peruse and compare the beds in Hong Kong before getting there. Donít forget to look at package options. Sometimes it may be cheaper staying five nights instead of four, or booking your flight and hotel together. The Hong Kong Tourism Board is a reliable and logical place to start looking for deals. Note: if youíre booking during a holiday or other international event in Hong Kong, book as soon as you possibly can, because the city can get cramped quickly.

Often visitors to Hong Kong forget that the city is the center of the haggling culture. If possible, pick up the phone and try to negotiate with the hotels themselves. There are many independent companies in the city, and you might be lucky enough to shave off 20%-40%, especially if itís last minute (if you dare to wait that long). You might also be able to get a few extra comforts thrown in for free, if nothing else.

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