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Tips for Car Rentals!

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Tips for Car Rentals!

If you wonder how we are so tuned-in to fees and extra tariffs, it is simply this: at some point or another while traveling, we've encountered most of them.

1. It is no secret that car rentals “by the week” are less expensive than a four-day, mid-week rental. Just be aware that if you rent a car on Thursday for return on Sunday, the fine print typically says: “Must include a Saturday.”  Not just part of Saturday - all of it!  If you return the car before Sunday you’ll pay a $50 early return fee.

2. Also be aware that if you extend a one-day rental into a two-day rental - Ouch! – there’s a $10 fee to extend a day. Plus they may charge you the same rate as Friday even though a Saturday rental is generally much cheaper. Here, you have the option of making a second reservation covering the extra day and returning the car as planned.  You lose the fee and get a better rate.  Downside is if you are not near the agency and cannot return the car and get a new one you are stuck with the new charges.

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