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Flights to Atarot Airport (JRS) Jerusalem

Atarot Airport (JRS) Jerusalem is the first airport in Palestine and is located between Jerusalem and Ramallah, and was incorporated into the Jerusalem city area after the Six-Day War in 1967. The facility has been closed since the First and Second Intifadas in 1987 and 2000. However, as it was something of a political hot potato, most airlines did not fly to the airport even when it was operating.The airport is officially known as Jerusalem International Airport and is sometimes referred to as Kalandia (or Qalandia) Airport. It was only used for domestic flights, however, and despite its current inactivity the airport has quite good facilities and infrastructure in place. During the 1980s the Israeli plan was to make it an alternative international facility to Ben Gurion Airport, however its contested location prevented it from being given international aviation recognition.In 2001 Atarot Airport (JRS) Jerusalem was taken over by the Israeli military but used for ground troops rather than by the air force.The airport’s future is inexorably tied to the political situation between Israel and the Palestinian state. Palestinian leaders have made it clear that they consider Kalandia Airport (JRS) Jerusalem an important part of the future Palestine. There are currently no flights to Atarot Airport (JRS) Jerusalem.

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