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Jerusalem, Israel has Hotels to Accommodate Everyone's Budget

Jerusalem has an assortment of accommodations to choose from that will suit every pocketbook and are in preferred locations. However, even though many tend to be more expensive than the lodging in Old City and East Jerusalem, the hotels in the New City are usually somewhat cleaner and roomier. However, with the city being such a popular tourist destination, there are plenty of places to stay in all parts of the city, including 5-star hotels and extravagant vacation rentals.

The King David is one of the most popular 5-star hotels in Israel. It is situated in Jerusalem on King David Street and overlooks the Old City where all the key sightseer sites can be found within less than one mile. In addition, the Inbal Jerusalem, Leonardo Plaza and Davit Citadel Hotel are only a few minutesí walk from this Old City tourist location.

Amongst the hectic shopping districts, some standard and medium priced hotels such as the National, Ramada, Leonardo Plaza and Mount Zion can be found. A prevalent 4-star hotel that is well-liked by many visitors is the Dan Boutique, which is located near many of the tourism part of the city. If you are looking for cheaper lodging with just the basic accommodations, the Harmony and Palatin are two of the best budget places that are clean and centrally located.


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