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Fly to Kaua’I Island; Arrive at Lihue Airport

Only in Hawaii could an airport have all of its check-in facilities located outside, under the balmy tropical breezes and the non-stop sunshine. Facilities are mostly modern, though rather simple. As the main gateway for most travelers to the entire island, the airport is one of the more crowded spots that travelers will see while on their secluded Hawaiian vacation.

A number of airlines offer flights to Kaua'i Island, including Alaska Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Island Air, Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, go! Mokulele, WestJet, US Airways, and United. In addition to all of those flights to the mainland, there are daily departures to Honolulu and Kahului, too.

Exploring the island from Lihue Airport is a breeze, with a number of different rental car companies operating offices right at the airport, to make getting on the road to exploring more remote stretches of the island easier than ever before. There are also a number of hotel shuttles, as well as taxis for hire.

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