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Flights to Kodiak Airport (ADQ)

Located just four miles from Kodiak’s central business district, Kodiak Airport (ADQ) is the only airport providing service to Alaska’s rugged and mountainous island. A center for both commercial and military aircraft, it is also the official home of the Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak.

With three different runways and a basic terminal, Kodiak Airport (ADQ) looks like many other airports around the United States whose focus is on civil air operations with occasional charter flights. However, at Kodiak, there is a great deal of transport of fish, especially the prized Alaskan salmon. Since many travelers are heading to Kodiak with the hopes of doing some truly spectacular fishing, the airport even has freezers on hand in case of flight delays, so that those heading back with their fish can thaw it later and it still be good.

Numerous charters depart from and arrive at Kodiak Airport (ADQ), including ones on Andrews Airways, Servant Air, and Island Air Service. Sometimes, even smaller aircraft pick travelers up from Kodiak and take them to famous fishing and resort areas, like Raspberry Island. Commercial airlines that fly to and from the airport include Alaska Airlines, Servant Air, Era Aviation, and Island Air Service. Floatplane Service also provides a number of flights to Amook, Kitoi, Moser Bay, Port Bailey, Seal Bay, and Zachar Bay. The most popular flights at Kodiak Airport (ADQ) are the daily ones to and from Anchorage.

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