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Nestled along the Pacific coast in Southern California, United States, Laguna Beach is known for its amazing beaches, luxury hotel accommodations and seaside atmosphere. The town features a Mediterranean ambiance that simply cannot be ignored. Thanks to the warm, sunny weather, you will have plenty to do in town. While in town, check out the Festival of Arts featuring music, food and demonstrations. During the summer, you will enjoy the Sawdust Festival will loads of art for you to enjoy.

Divers Cove provides you with an amazing scuba diving experience. Surfing is another option for those who love the water. Head over to Moss Street for some sea anemones and amazing tide pools. A Laguna Beach Art Tour will take your through private home studios, love art demonstrations and the opportunity to purchase an array of astonishing art.

After a long day out in the town, you will need a hotel room that meets your needs. From the Holiday Inn to the Pacific Edge Hotel, you can find the perfect hotel room that meets your budget and provides you with access to all of the local attractions. Choose from a local hotel or a major hotel chain while in town to experience all of the sights along the water. From surfing to scuba diving to culture and art, you can find some activity that will draw you in and keep you entertained.


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