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Room rates can vary a lot depending on the type of room and the booking method, but in general the best deals are to be found during the “cold” months between December and February.

Most visitors to Las Vegas will stay at either the iconic Strip or the downtown district. The Strip is the best known section of the city, having been featured in countless movies, television programs and photographs. Also known as Las Vegas Boulevard, it is located in the southern/central section of the city and is the home to dozens of five star hotels. These often massive complexes offer a resort-like experience.

The Freemont Street area of downtown is the place to look for more reasonably priced accommodation. But downtown also has large glamorous hotels like the Golden Nugget being perhaps the best example. Gondolas float upon the replica Venetian’s canal network while the Mandalay Bay’s own water attractions rarely fail to impress. Even ancient Egypt makes an appearance in Las Vegas, with the eye-catching Luxor pyramid dominating the city’s skyline. But no matter which hotel you choose, the hectic round-the-clock Las Vegas experience means that you probably won’t be spending a lot of time in your room!

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