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Freedom of Choosing Where You Want to Be

In order to decide on which form of lodging suits your needs and budget, it’s best to get to know some of the unique accommodations offered. Apart-hotels are basically a combination of apartments and hotels, while the cost is often a bit cheaper than standard hotels. These accommodations offer an apartment-like feel complete with a separate bedrooms, private bathroom, fully-equipped kitchen, and lounge room furnished with comfortable sofas, in addition to all of the same services found within a traditional hotel.

Standard apartments are also available for nightly and weekly rentals and are as close as you can get to feeling at home while away from home, but at a higher cost compared to hotels and apart-hotels.

Hostels, which offer the cheapest accommodations around, are just like school dormitories in that you’ll most often rent a bed and share facilities with others; while hostalas are a bit more expensive than hostels but offer the kind of privacy you’d find in a guesthouse—you rent your own room, which may or may not come with a private bathroom, and share other facilities with other guests.

Madrid’s wide variety of accommodations aren’t limited to just one area—hundreds of hotels, apart-hotels, apartments, hostalas, and hostels, all flood every part of this lively city, so rather than deciding on where to stay based on your budget, you can instead decide based on where you really want to be.

Those who wish to stay in the center of city life, where the streets are as lively at night as they are by day, will find the Puerto del Sol Square is the place to be. If you’d rather stay out of the busiest areas of the city center, yet close to all of the popular attractions, you’ll find peace along the streets of Paso del Prado where several museums rest, including the infamous Prado Museum; while those who want to be close to history can head over to the area of Las Hearts where several historic buildings still stand, including the home of the famous 17th century writer Don Miguel de Cervantes, as well as Hotel Ritz Madrid which has been accommodating the city since 1910.

No matter where you choose to be within the city of Madrid, you’ll find plenty of places to stay amongst all of the exciting things to do and even more amazing sights to see.

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