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Memphis International Airport:

In the land of Blues, Country and Rock n Roll

The airport's actual claim to fame, however, is not its transportation of passengers but its movement of goods. As the busy home to FedEx, Memphis International is a super hub for goods making their way throughout the United States and to many global cities, including Sao Paulo, Tokyo, Frankfurt, London and Paris. The airport's position as the center for FedEx services has made it the busiest airport in the entire country in terms of cargo traffic.

But Memphis International also moves a great deal of people, too, and no carrier seems quite as busy there as Northwest Airlines. Northwest uses Memphis International as its third-busiest passenger hub in the entire world.

The airport has three separate concourses, all linked to the same building. Making connecting flights is significantly easier than in airports where travelers have to switch terminals and risk missing their departure times. Terminal A handles traffic from AirTrain and Delta Connection, and is the go-to place for budget travel. This terminal is exclusively for domestic flights, providing service to all over the United States. This includes a number of flights to Boston, New York, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Lubbock, Salt Lake City, Atlanta and Jacksonville.

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