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Mexico City International Airport also known as Benito Juárez International Airport

Located about four miles east of the city center, the airport is comprised of two terminals known as T1 and T2. These are connected by the Aerotrén monorail, making travel between them possible in approximately five minutes. A variety of hotels can be found inside either terminal, including the Hilton, Fiesta Inn and Camino Real.

Once you have arrived in Mexico City, there are many options for transportation. The most cost-efficient method is the Metro Look for the M sign outside of T1. The city also has excellent bus service and there is a bus terminal outside T1. Renting a car is possible if combating pollution is your main concern. There are strictly enforced laws keeping certain types of vehicles off the streets on alternating days.

A safe bet for a reliable taxi is an official prepaid one. These can be booked throughout the city at specific locations, including the Taxi Autorizado at the T1 baggage claim. Travelers should avoid the freelance taxis as there have been reports of such drivers robbing tourists.

As a convenience, many airlines have offices throughout the city. It is quite easy to pop in and buy a ticket or make related arrangements, even at the last minute.

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