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Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport - Greeting Mumbai's Explorers

There are flights to Mumbai Airport from Europe (particularly London), North America, the Middle East and, of course, all around Asia. British Airways is one of the major carriers for flights between Mumbai and the United Kingdom.

There are not a large number of cheap flights to Mumbai from overseas, although you can get some good deals from London. However, there are several low-cost carriers within India, so make sure to shop around if traveling domestically.

International flights from Mumbai depart from Terminal 2, the International Terminal. This terminal is located four kilometers from the domestic terminal (Terminal 1), but there is a regular shuttle between the two.

The best way to travel between the airport and downtown is in a pre-paid taxi. This involves going to the pre-paid taxi counter, telling them where you are going and paying the appropriate fee in exchange for a ticket. You then locate your taxi and present the driver with this ticket. Note that there are many small hotels in Mumbai and your driver may not be familiar with all of them.

Be careful of touts and scams, especially if you are tired upon arrival or if on your first trip to India. A common scam is someone offering to push your luggage cart for you and then asking for an exorbitant fee for their services.

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