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Finding the Best and Most Historic Hotels in Naples, Italy

When you visit Naples, you will find the hotels in this historic city are usually cheaper than in other parts of Italy. You can take budget lodgings at the Hostel of the Sun and be right in the heart of the city. The dorm beds are cheap, and it's a good location if you want to catch a ferry. Another option in the center is Giovanni's Home. It has clean beds and cooking facilities you can use. If you are near the central railway station, stay at the San Giorgio hotel. It's a three-star place that has been renovated recently.

While you are in the central station area, you may want to try something mid-range like the Hotel Cavour. This place has been operating in Naples for many years and has two popular restaurants for its guests. The Cavour has also been renovated and has many amenities for visitors. The Hotel Ideal is another decent place near the Cavour. They are both on Piazza Garibaldi and the Ideal is only about a minute from the station.

You can stay near the waterfront at the Romeo hotel if you want a taste of luxury. It's a five-star place in the historic part of the city on Via Cristoforo Colombo. The hotel Toledo is another good choice but is not up to the standards of the Romeo. You will find the Toledo in a small building on Via Montecalvario. It is near shopping and local markets and is a great place for making hydrofoil connections to Capri and other local islands.

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