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New York City's International Airports:

John F. Kennedy, Newark Liberty and LaGuardia

John F. Kennedy airport is the main New York airport, and it is also the largest international gateway into the United States. The vast majority of international flights to New York land here, especially from London and Paris. Most international flights from New York leave from JFK. In addition, the airport handles a large amount of domestic airline traffic.

There are eight terminals at JFK, so it is important to find out which one your flight departs from – or arrives at if you are getting picked up. If you are not being picked up, there are still plenty of options for getting to the various boroughs of New York, some of which will involve an encounter with the city’s notorious traffic. Taxis are everywhere and may seem like the best option, but they can be expensive and time-consuming. Buses (coaches) run between airports and to most important destinations, but they lack the convenience of a private taxi. Another option is either the commuter rail or subway that links JFK to the rest of the rail network.

Newark Liberty International Airport is New York’s second busiest airport, behind JFK. Although it is actually located in a different state altogether, New Jersey, to the west of New York City, there are many convenient public and private options for a transfer into the city. The base for Continental Airlines, Newark Airport has three terminals, A, B and C, and handles a large number of domestic flights as well as flights to as far away as Mumbai, Tel Aviv and Singapore. There is one hotel located within the airport itself, but shuttle vans run back and forth between the airport and a number of local hotels.

The third major airport serving New York is LaGuardia, located in the borough of Queens on Long Island, which handles around half the number of passengers that JFK does. It is almost exclusively used for domestic flights, with its main routes being to Atlanta, Chicago, Florida and Texas, but also includes a few to Canada and the Caribbean.

Connections between the airports do not have a great reputation. There are buses, but these are infrequent and somewhat unpredictable. Despite the extra cost, a taxi is probably your best inter-airport option.

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