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Finding the Best Hotels With a View in Nice, France

The beautiful city of Nice sits on the French Riviera. Tourists flock to this city to see the beaches and landscapes of this part of France. You will want to stay at the youth hostels if you are on a strict budget. The hostel Les Camelias is in the city center and close to the Etoile shopping center. If you are not an experienced traveler, you should consider staying at the Backpacker's Hostel Chez Patrick. It's a cheap place on Rue Pertinax with a host who is known for being kind and helpful to the patrons.

Surprisingly, Nice has a nice selection of affordable mid-range hotels. The Citadines Nice Buffa on Rue Meyerbeer has good rooms with amenities, but it is a bit far from the center of the city. The Garden on Rue de Congres is a family-owned hotel that is very inexpensive. Don't be misled because the place looks a little run-down, the staff are very good and the rooms are clean. The hostess will also help you with tips about local attractions.

Of course, the Riviera has luxury hotels for those who want to pay the price. You can stay at Le Palais de Mediterranee and enjoy the view overlooking the sea. If you really want an unmatched view, reserve the Panoramic Suite on the top floor. The Hotel La Perouse is also known for its wide-ranging view of the Promenade. This is a well-thought out hotel with a professional staff. There is a treadmill on the terrace of the sixth floor for guests who want to enjoy the view while they exercise.

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