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Finding the Best Hotels in the Old Town of Nuremberg, Germany

Nuremberg is a city in Germany that is arguably most famous for being the host of the Nuremberg Trials following World War II. This Bavarian city also has a unique mix of the medieval past and the new Germany. The Jugend hotel is near the airport, and they will include a couple of meals with your room for only a few more Euros. You can also find cheap accommodations near the train station at Lette'm Sleep.

You will find the hotels in the Old Town section are often in older buildings that retain their 19th century charm. The Victoria is one of these and is the closest place to the Hauptbahnof or Central Station. It's on Konigstrasse and is not far from the Drei Raben hotel. The Drei Raben is a luxury hotel famous for its mythical-themed rooms. Both these establishments are only a few minutes walk from the Christmas section of Nuremberg.

Outside of the Old Town area, you can try the Leonardo on Zufuhrstrasse. It's a mid-range place with the usual amenities, and they will rent you a bicycle if you want. If you want to be closer to the Main Train Station, you can stay at the Marienbad. It is noted for its breakfast buffet and is said to be quite charming. The Sheraton Carlton is a luxury hotel on Eilgutstrasse just outside the walls of the Old Town. The rooms are known for being larger than usual for European hotels.

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