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Flights to Okinawa Arrive at Naha Airport in Southern Japan

The fifth largest airport in all of Japan, Naha Airport provides flights to all four of Japan's islands, and sees a steadily rising amount of passengers who are making their way through this growing hub city. Getting from the airport into town is incredibly easy, with the Okinawa Monorail directly connecting the airport with a station at the heart of the city's bustling downtown district.

The airport averages 14 million passengers a year. Naha Airport is split into two terminals, which are connected and easy to navigate. The Main Terminal handles both domestic and occasional international flights, while the International Terminal handles a majority of the international traffic.

A number of renowned and budget airlines offer flights to Naha. The main terminal is the base for flights on Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Skymark Airlines, Japan Transocean Air, Skynet Asia Airways, and Skymark Airlines. There are daily flights to a number of destinations, including Tokyo, Osaka, Aguni, Miyako, and Kobe. A number of airlines from around the world fly to the international terminal, including China Airlines, Asiana Airlines, Hong Kong Express Airways, China Eastern Airlines, and Dragonair. Flights are mostly international but also regional, to Seoul, Tapei, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

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