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Flights to Oran Es Sénia Airport (ORN)

The Oran Es Sénia Airport (ORN) is located about five miles from downtown Oran in Algeria. Being that Oran is the second largest city in Algeria, the Oran Es Sénia Airport (ORN) has quite a few flights each day, both domestic and international. There are six airlines serving the airport: Aigle Azur, Air Algérie, Air Méditerranée, Spanair, Tassili Airlines, and Tunisair. Most of the international flights go to cities in France, although there are a few flights going to other European cities.

In 2007 the airport awarded a Brazilian team to undertake a construction project of a new runway. However, currently, the airport does not offer many services and amenities that larger airports may offer, so be sure to pack anything you might need in regards to food and drink.

Upon arriving at the airport passengers will have the choice between taking a taxi and renting a car. There is limited means of public transportation. In fact, most visitors prefer getting around the city by taxi, as driving a car can be difficult in an unfamiliar place. Business travelers will be pleased to know that there are hotels nearby. One popular hotel is the Eden Hotel, which is one minute from the Oran Es Sénia Airport (ORN).

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