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Not only is Osaka a rather large city, but it also offers a variety of activities to keep you busy on your trip to Japan. From nightlife to sightseeing, Osaka has a number of things you can do in town. The Science Museum is perfect for kids. Enjoy the cinema and planetarium downstairs and an interactive activity center throughout the museum. Maritime Museum has a replica of one of the ships form the Edo period. To access the museum, you have to go through a corridor built undersea.

At the Suntory Museum, you can take a ride on a variety of rides, explore numerous shops and catch the ferry to head over to Universal Studios. The country’s second largest theme park is Universal Studios. Experience an array of different characters and rides that will keep you busy for hours. National Bunraku Theater provides you with a puppet theater and narration to accompany the traditional Japanese music. From theme parks to museums, you can find a variety of different activities to engage yourself in throughout the day.

For backpackers, you can find a hotel room for a reasonable price near the JR Shin-Imamiya. The quality of the hotel room will vary based upon where you are located. Another great hotel option is the International Guesthouse Area with an array of hotel accommodations that are waiting for you to come in and stay.

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