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Oslo Airport Gardermoen Welcomes Travelers to Norway

Located a short drive away from Oslo, it's only a half-hour trip to reach the airport during times of low traffic. A quicker and more efficient way for travelers arriving at or departing from Oslo Airport Gardermoen is the high-speed Airport Express Train, which takes travelers directly to the center of Oslo in no time at all.

With a yearly average of over 19 million passengers, Oslo Airport Gardermoen has been growing in recent years, especially with the addition of numerous low-cost airlines adding flights to what was before a notoriously expensive part of Europe to visit. At present time, the airport consists of a single terminal and two parallel runways. The terminal is split into two parts, one for domestic travel and one for international flights. Well-kept and contemporary, it is likely to be one of the cleanest, best organized, and most efficient airports that most travelers ever see. The airport also boasts the largest duty-free shopping area in all of Europe, and a number of restaurants have locations at the airport as well.

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